Hello, I'm Mohit

I am a software engineer from India currently working @bigbinary. I mostly work with web technologies and ocassionaly with low level stuff. This website is my personal blog where I (try to) post about things I learn. I also do open source projects where I build random things that I find interesting.

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Hello World!!
this is my first blog. not particularly on any topic but just to be a starting point....
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repository of this blog. built with a lot of services but mainly uses nextjs and tailwind.

repository of the cms I built for my managing/creating my blogs. it includes a lot of features like image resizing pipeline, support for multiple formats, built-in editor, live-preview for various device sizes and many more.

this is a minimal implementaion of the react reconciler and the dom renderer in typescript. supports useEffect, useState hooks, controlled components, concurrent mode etc. I work on improving this in spare time.

this is a chrome extension for copying text from within a youtube video. it uses TesseractJS for the OCR stuff.

this is the latest thing I am working on. it's a zero dependency reddit client for the terminal. it's still very early in development and I plan to add a lot of things.